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Is there a minimum monthly commitment?

There is no minimum monthly commitment for the service, you can cancel at any time.  If you do wish to cancel and still want to keep the website, you can buy out the site as per the pricing below.  This protects Amuze from being taken advantage of since we don't require a minimum monthly commitment.  Other companies that offer monthly based website services don't allow you to keep the site if you cancel your plan.  With us, we at least give you the option :)

- During year 1 - $1,500

- During Year 2 - $1,000

- During Year 3 - $750 (stays at $750 from there)


Who owns the website & content?


Our clients own all website content created when working with Amuze.  If you choose to cancel the service, we will happily transfer the site content to you (media, pictures, content etc).  


What does the monthly retainer get me?


- Full Website Design (up to 10 pages)

- Mobile + Tablet Optimized

- Basic Website Updates & Maintenance

- Email Setup Guidance (we recommend Google Apps, which is $6/mo per email address)

- Search Engine Optimization

- Web Hosting

- Email Marketing (newsletters & blasts)

- Google Business Listing

- Google Analytics

- Stock Photography (5 images included, $5 ea thereafter)


What is considered "basic website updates & maintenance?"


The subscription plan includes basic website support and maintenance.  Need some pictures or content added? No problem, just email us the request and we'll have it live within 72 hours.  


It's important to keep the content fresh on your website so please don't hesitate to reach out with any updates you'd like to make to the site.  


If the requested changes are more than just basic website updates and maintenance, for example adding a new page or functionality to the site, we will work out a project-based quote on the work needed.  Our hourly rate is $120/hr.  We will always consult with you first before any hourly work is started.


Who owns the domain name?


You always own your domain name, this is very important.  If another website company offers to register and host your domain for you, it's a huge red flag.  Your domain name should always be under your control.  


If you do not know who is in control of your domain name, Amuze will assist in regaining control of it.


Can I make changes myself?


Of course, if you feel comfortable making your own changes then more power to you.  We'll invite you to be an editor on the site so you can learn to manage on your own.  


If Amuze closes up shop, what happens to my website?


We will transfer site ownership to all clients in the case of a business closure free of charge so your investment and information are safe.  The program we create the websites with is easily transferable and it is fairly easy to find a new developer to take control, or also you can manage on your own.  


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