Standard logo pricing: 


Depending on the complexity of the design, for example, if custom illustrations are needed or the design is very detailed, the price set for the design can vary.  To establish the design costs upfront, we ask for a detailed brief, with the design parameters outlined, so that we have a good understanding of the scope of the project. 


We encourage you to give examples of the design style desired so that the design direction is established from the start.  If there is a change in creative direction, then additional fees can apply.  For the design process, once enough information is established we can begin designing, illustrating in the direction that fits the brief's description and we collaborate until we arrive at the final design. 


If work goes beyond the scope/time frame, additional revision costs can be incurred.  If this happens, the client will be informed of the budget limits and can agree to pay additional fees for revisions, customarily $50.00 per 3 more revisions.  We do this to keep the design process streamlined and cost-effective while being fair compensation for the work done.  This keeps the project on-track, and we can collaborate on the details until the logo design has been finalized. 


Once completed, you will get all the industry-standard file formats for your new logo design. 

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