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We’ve been getting a lot of requests for SEO services so we teamed up with an expert. Going forward, we’re offering 3 SEO packages you can choose from, as well as a full customized offer.


Why SEO? Simple. It’s the empathy version of digital marketing. In order to do SEO well, you listen first. What’s out there? What are people actually searching for? What questions do they have and what problems do they want solved? Where are they in their journey and how can you help them?


Compare it to running Google ads. You’d write the ad, create a landing page, and see how well you convert. It’s a “push” method. With SEO it’s different, SEO is a “pull” method. You become a magnet. First, you research what’s on people’s minds, then you create content that meets people exactly where they are in their decision-making process. You offer the solution to their problem or question: your product or service.


Why else SEO? Organic social reach is declining, as the big social networking sites favor sponsored posts and ads over organic content. This is a fact of life. But, organic is and remains the most authentic form of interaction with your visitors. Finding out how else to attract visitors organically can give a huge boost to your online presence. This is exactly why many online entrepreneurs who previously relied mainly on social are including SEO into their digital marketing efforts.


So let’s get to it!

Thanks!  We'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Package 1


Price: 1 time $1,250 USD


  • Onboarding call with our specialist

  • 10 high potential keywords for your niche

  • Optimal site structure for keywords

  • Optimized metadata

  • Increased understanding of your customer’s questions/problems

  • Golden ratio analysis 

  • Recommendations for content creation

  • Best practices for SEO-friendly writing


Not included

  • Content creation


Optional expansion 1:

On-going monitoring and support, plus 2 new keywords per month at 150 p/m

Optional expansion 2:

Content creation at 100 USD per article, 150 including images.


Package 2


Price: $300/mo + $250 setup fee 


  • Onboarding call with specialist

  • On-going technical recommendations

  • Tell Google what social profiles are connected to your site

  • Get rich results!

    • Like when you google a recipe and it pops up on Goolge’s front page as an image with review stars. That could be your site, service or product.

  • Optimize social share information

  • Quarterly site audit

  • Avoid duplicate content issues

  • All Pages are indexed correctly

Package 3


Price: 1 time $650


  • 10 high-quality backlinks from niche-specific websites

  • 5 links from private blogs

  • 7000 social signals

  • 10 social posts


Optional expansion:

10 new high quality, niche-specific links, every month for 250 USD.

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